Terrains and 3D Models

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Terrains are the main building block for every scene in TerrainView™. A terrain is a 3D representation of a landscape or part of a town.

Terrains consist of two main elements, an elevation model and textures. The elevation model is a kind of grid spanning the entire area to be visualized, containing elevation information for every grid node. An elevation model can be thought of as a wire frame model of a landscape. In order to realize a realistic rendering, textures (satellite or aerial images) are laid over this grid after some preprocessing.

For reasons of performance, terrains are created with several so-called levels of detail. This means, that portions of the terrain close to the camera will be rendered with a better quality than those portions farther away.

Apart from terrains, TerrainView™ can also import 3D models saved in various file formats. 3D models can be moved, rotated, and scaled by the user.