TerrainView Tutorial

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This chapter teaches you how to load a configuration, how to populate it with objects, how to define points of interest, and how to create flight paths.

Generating a scene with a good terrain from scratch is rather extensive and might be too complex at this point. We will start with a complete scene and add more detail to it instead. You can download demonstration data from the “Downloads” section of the ViewTec website (http://www.viewtec.net).


There are many different names for “the data that is visualized with TerrainView™”:

GIS Data: Data used for a geographic information system.

Database or GIS Database: All the files belonging to the visualized data.

Configuration: The information that puts the data together in a meaningful way; the logical structure as well as the configuration file (TerrainView™ Configuration TVC).

Scene: The virtual world visualized based on the configuration and the data.

Terrain: An entity that represents the ground.

Sometimes, a scene is also referred to as “Terrain”, meaning that the whole scene is one complex entity representing the ground.