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TerrainView-Globe™ extends TerrainView with unlimited GIS, multilayered elevation and image data import based on Earth and offers ultra-fast and high resolution rendering for GIS and simulation users.

With the easy-to-use features of TerrainView and additional capabilities designed specifically for professional GIS users TerrainView-Globe™ lets you display and analyze the whole Earth in 3D.

TerrainView-Globe can import and visualize unlimited GIS datasets in real-time. TerrainView-Globe supports all popular 2D and 3D formats. The imported data can be layered and combined with a variety of graphics and used to produce still images, motion picture sequences, or interactive sessions on a PC. TerrainView-Globe offers space-to-street-level in superior rendering quality. High performance on low cost hardware platforms and fully interactive control of rendered objects and views are main features of this application.