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Easy navigation: TerrainView™ provides fully interactive flights during which users can control altitude, speed and viewing angle.

3D object manipulation: Merge multiple 3d objects of different formats together and pick, move, rotate or scale them easily.

Georeferenced import of 3D models: Currently the supported data formats are Multigen OpenFlight (*.flt), Terrex TerraPage (*.txp), Open Scene Graph Binary (*.ive), Autodesk 3D Studio (*.3ds), Wavefront Object (*.obj), VRML97 (*.wrl), Collada (*.dae) and others.

Various modes of navigation: TerrainView™ provides various modes of navigation such as view mode, flight mode, low level flight (ground following), explore mode and joystick flight mode.

Points of interest: Freely definable points of interest may be coupled with arbitrary text, images, 3D objects, or hyperlinks.

Advanced flight path editing: Easy definition of flight paths with smooth interpolation for position and orientation. Flight paths can be coupled to both 3D models and camera.

Weather visualization: For the generation of realistic scenes, TerrainView™ offers a wide palette of weather conditions.

Configurations: Any scene consisting of terrain, 3D models, flight paths points of interest and weather conditions can be saved in configurations files for instant access in future sessions.

Arbitrary resolution screen shots: The resolution of screen shots calculated from the current view is virtually unlimited.

Generation of image sequences for digital video: TerrainView™ offers a simple way to create video files either by direct interaction or from flight paths.

Planning tools: A collection of tools such as several measurements.

Full OpenGL support: TerrainView™ rendering is accelerated through OpenGL the industry standard for high-speed 3d graphics programming and takes full advantage of leading-edge OpenGL features.