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TerrainView-CMAX™ is a professional Extension to the TerrainView™ suite of geographic imaging software.

This panel controls the settings for the TerrainView-CMAX™ feature. TerrainView-CMAX™ allows the visualization on multiple screens by synchronizing the camera on all participating computers. A computer running TerrainView-CMAX™ is required for each screen. All computers must be connected to the same subnet of a UDP/IP compatible network.

The synchronization is accomplished with multicast, a technology where the network usage remains constantly low while increasing the number of computers that must be synchronized. There are no special hardware requirements for the individual computers. However, multi-core or dual-CPU hardware is highly recommended.

This approach guarantees scalability with minimal performance decrease.

The “CMAX“ panel is divided into four sections: “General”, “Control”, “Slave channels” and “Slave channel”. The first two are always available and the latter two are only available for the CMAX master.