Screenshot Panel

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TerrainView™ provides the possibility to create screenshots with arbitrary resolution, like for instance 16000 x 9000 pixels. The resolution is only limited by the hardwares capabilities.

By default, the screenshots resolution corresponds exactly to the size of the view window. If the checkbox “Advanced” is activated, it is possible to enter the desired width and height of the screenshot in the appropriate text fields.

For high resolution screenshots it is desirable to increase the quality of the rendering with the “LOD bias” slider to render more detail while the screenshot is taken.

In TerrainView-Globe™, the LOD bias values for the four dataset types can be set. The initial values are taken from the current scene settings to start with reasonable LOD settings. Changing the LOD bias settings here will not affect the values for the scene, only for the rendering while the screenshot is taken.

In the “Delay” text field, the time given to the terrain pager can be set. Before capturing each part of the screenshot, at least the specified amount of time is given to the pager to load terrain data. This value should be increased if the resulting screenshot shows the terrain in a low level of detail.

If the “Use views aspect ratio” flag is set, the width/height ratio of the screenshot will be the same as the width/height ratio of the 3D view and the height is automatically calculated if the width is changed and vice versa. If the flag is not set, the current view is cropped to match to aspect ratio of the screenshot.

As soon as the button “Create” is pressed, the creation of the screenshot proceeds. For high resolution screenshots, the rendered view is split into tiles each of which is rendered in turn and written to the image file.

Note: during screenshot creation TerrainView™ must remain the top level window. It should not be minimized nor should other windows be overlapping it. This is due to the fact that TerrainView™ uses the screen buffer to create the screenshot.