Remote Control Workflow

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The procedures in the TerrainView™-Remote Control interface can be called in arbitrary order, with one exception: the Configuration procedure should be called before any other procedure. The interface features the following procedures:

to configure the interface:

to create an entity assigning a user-defined identifier (CustomID) to it:

to retrieve information about the TerrainView™ scene:

to perform an action without identifying a specific entity:

to perform an action for a specific entity:

How to identify an entity:

Procedures that perform an action on a specific entity require an identifier (ID) for the entity. Identifiers are strings. The identifier can be the user-defined identifier (CustomID) assigned with a Remote Control procedure. It can also be the identifier assigned automatically by TerrainView™ (VTID, see next paragraph). In short: ID = CustomID or VTID.

All entities in TerrainView™ have an identifier, the so-called VTID. It can also be used as identifier (ID) in procedures requiring identification of the entity. The VTID can be retrieved with the procedure Query. A VTID always starts with "VT:" and therefore, a CustomID cannot start with "VT:".

VTID s are stored for each entity if the scene is saved to a TVC file. If an entity is loaded from a TVC configuration, it has the same VTID each time the TVC is loaded.

CustomID s are not stored in the TVC file. They are only valid as long as the entity exists in the scene of TerrainView™. As long as an entity is not deleted, it can be assumed that the CustomID remains valid.