Points of Interest Panel

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Points of interests (POIs) are a way to mark specific locations in the scene with a marker such as a billboard image and/or text. Furthermore, it is even possible to endow a POI with a hyperlink.

The “Points of Interest” sub-panel of the “Tools” panel provides the necessary means to configure the points of interest.

With the button “New”, a new POI is created in front of the camera. It can then subsequently be configured by changing the values in the control structure to the left.

The button “Delete” deletes the currently selected POI.

Once created, a POI can be modified in the 3D view, just like normal entities. Unlike entities, a POI cannot be rotated. Scaling affects the size of the name text, the size of the billboard and the distance between the name text and the billboard (“name offset”).

The following sections describe the options that can be set in the option control on the right side of the POI list. Depending on the selected type of POI, some options may be deactivated.