POI View

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The Point of Interest (POI) view displays all points of interest that have been created, ordered by their group association.

If a POI is selected by clicking on it, its properties are displayed in the “Properties” view.

Groups: A group of POIs.

POIs: The various POIs.

If several POIs are selected (using the Shift or the Ctrl key) then only those values are displayed in the “Properties” view that can be edited simultaneously.

It is also possible to select several POIs at once and apply one of the following functions:

       Toggle visibility of the selected POIs

       The camera jumps to the selected POI

As in the other views, a pop-up opens when a POI is clicked at with the right mouse button. In this case, however, only the visibility toggling and jump-to functionality are offered.

Fly to POI (smooth)

Jump to POI (instant)

Toggle POI visibility