Menu Bar

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The menu bar contains file related menus as well as other commands.

This menu is for loading and saving data.

The “New” / “Globe Scene” item is only available with a TerrainView-Globe™ license.

The “Edit” menu provides an undo/redo functionality for entity transformations, i.e., translations, rotations, and scaling.

The “View” menu is used to show or hide any of TerrainView™s elements (apart from the 3D view) by checking or un-checking the corresponding checkboxes.

“Scene settings” brings up a dialog to manage the global settings of the current scene

The “Coordinate system” menu allows to change the coordinate system used to express positions in TerrainView™. “FlatGrid” and “Normal” are not available in TerrainView-Globe™. This menu item is only available in the full version of TerrainView™.

"IVC Converter" starts the external conversion tool that creates IVC files from other 3D model formats.

“Options” brings up a dialog to manage application settings (cf. Chapter Fehler: Referenz nicht gefunden).

This menu provides access to help topics, shows the key chart or opens the “About” dialog.

The “Try / Register / Order...” item leads to a website where upgrades and trial versions of TerrainView™ can be requested.

This menu also allows to visit the TerrainView™ and ViewTec web sites, to get support and to check for new versions of TerrainView™.