Manipulating Models / Keychart

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TerrainView™ can change between two modes, presentation mode and modify mode. If in modify mode, selected 3D models can be moved, rotated, and scaled by the user.

Translation: Pressing the Shift key while clicking at an object will select it for translation. Dragging the mouse with the left mouse button will move the object across a horizontal plane defined by the objects x- and y-axis. Dragging the mouse with the right mouse button will change the vertical position of the object. If the viewpoint lies close to the objects horizontal, it can happen that the translation occurs in large steps. Therefore, it is advisable to translate objects while looking at them from a position slightly above or below.

Rotation: Pressing the Ctrl key while clicking at an object will select it for rotation. Depending on which mouse button is pressed, the object will rotate around one of its local coordinate axes:

Scaling: Pressing the Shift key together with the Ctrl key will select an object for scaling. When moving the mouse with the left mouse button pressed, the object will change its size.

Manipulate serveral objects: It is possible to select and manipulate several objects at once, however this is only possible for objects of the same category, i.e., it is not possible to manipulate 3D models and POIs at the same time. To select several objects, just select one after the other (clicking at them with pressed Shift key).

Grouping objects: If large amounts of 3D models or POIs are used in TerrainView™, the objects should be grouped. This can be done by simply changing the “Group” attribute of these objects in the Properties window. Objects with the same group name belong to the same group and are represented accordingly in the scene view window where a special item represents the group. This group item can be used to toggle visibility for all associated objects on and off. A group in the scene view can also be collapsed by clicking the [-] icon on the group item.

The group property (and some others) can be changed for multiple objects at once. Selecting several objects in the Scene View window allows to change these properties for all objects.