Main Section

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Name: The Name of the POI. This name will appear as Text in the 3D view. If the region and language settings in the control panel are changed to an international language e.g. Chinese, Chinese characters are supported in this input field.

Group: The name of the POIs group. Groups are used to cluster POIs that share certain attributes, for instance “Museums”, “Administrative Buildings”, “Lakes”, “Mountains”, etc.

Type: Here the type of the POI can be set. There are three POI types to choose from:

Text: Only the POI name is displayed.

Billboard vertical: If this type is chosen, a file dialog is opened which allows the selection of an image which will be displayed (optionally together with the POIs name). This billboard will rotate around its vertical axis in order to always face the viewer.

Billboard camera faced: This type is similar to “Billboard vertical”, the difference being that it will always completely face the viewer.

Link: This option lets you specify a hypertext link which will be executed when the POI is clicked at. (As a matter of fact, it is also possible to enter the name of a file which has a program associated with it. On click, this program will open the indicated file).

Use info board: The link will be opened inside a small window in the 3D view. This only works for hypertext documents.