Loading a Configuration File

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There are several ways to load a configuration: either by using the “Open” command from the “File” menu, by using the explorer window on the left, or by pressing the “Open” icon on the toolbar. After you have installed one of the demo databases, you should find a TVC file somewhere in your databases directory. Open this file.

To get a quick overview on how to navigate using your mouse and keyboard, have a look at the TerrainView™ key chart. You will find it in the “Help” menu of the menu bar.

Concentrate on the mouse navigation for now: press and hold the left mouse button in the 3D view window and move the mouse upwards (downwards) to move forward (backward) or sideways to turn around. Use the right mouse button In the same manner and move the mouse forwards (backwards) to move vertically up (down) or sideways to move horizontally. By pressing the left and right mouse buttons together, you can adjust the cameras pitch (i.e. looking upwards or downwards) and yaw (i.e. looking left and right). This navigation mode is called the view mode. You can regulate the maximum speed with your mouse wheel (if your mouse is a wheel mouse) or by setting the needle of the speedometer to a different value. A detailed description on navigation can be found in section 4.4.1.

Each demo database has been endowed with a set of predefined points of interest which mark locations of objects or other features of TerrainView™, as well as flight paths. A small window, the scene view, initially placed in the upper right corner of TerrainView™ lets you explore these points of interest:

If you cant see the Tab labeled “Points of Interest”, use the small arrows in the bottom right corner of the scene view. Simply double-click on the point you wish to explore.

Another possibility is to take a guided tour through the terrain by starting a flight path. If you click on the “Flight Paths” tab of the scene view window you can start the tour by double-clicking on one of the flight path items.

You can interrupt a flight path by pressing the stop button in the scene view windows tool bar.

The following sections will demonstrate how to insert 3D models or how to define such things as points of interests or flight paths.