Installation and Registration

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IMPORTANT: For some processes during installation, administrator access is required. Thus you need to log in as Administrator to install TerrainView™. If you have no administrator password, please ask your system administrator for assistance.

Below you find the important steps how to download TerrainView and how to upgrade and register online for an extension:  TerrainView-Globe, TerrainView-Remote Control, TerrainView-CMAX, and TerrainView-Video

Step 1 - Make sure your system complies with the minimal hardware requirements

Step 2 - Download TerrainView on your PC or laptop

Step 3 -To install TerrainView™ or its extensions a setup program called SetupTerrainView.exe is used.

During installation the user will be asked to make several inputs:

Step 4 - Launch TerrainView. Request a 14 days demo or full TerrainView extension license, using the menu Help Try / Register / Order... and the button Try / Order.

Step 5 - Once you have received and entered your license key, start TerrainView.

Step 6 - You can purchase the product online or contact ViewTec Inc. or your local reseller.


The Registration dialog can be accessed with “Try / Register / Order...” in the “Help” menu.

Use the “Feature List” button to learn more about TerrainView™. “Try / Order” takes you to the order form on the ViewTec website.

After entering your registration code in the “Unlock key” field the “Unlock” button will activate the full abilities of TerrainView™.

Limited License Duration

Most licenses obtained by ViewTec are valid only for a certain period of time. After the expiration date is reached, the license will become invalid and TerrainView™ will start as TerrainView™.

If the date and/or year of the system clock is changed by the user, a time limited license will become invalid. It is therefore recommended to set the correct system date before installing a license key.