Host Settings

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All the settings for the TerrainView-Remote Control™ can be found in the file “VTNetCom.conf” which should be located in the shared documents folder:

Windows 2000/XP: \Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\TerrainView

Windows Vista: \Users\Public\Documents\TerrainView

Open this file with notepad (Start/Run... “notepad.exe”) or any other text editor of your choice.

There are several sections in the configuration:

set the UDP port you want TerrainView™ to use. You can leave it the default value. If problems with the network interface occur, ask your network administrator for assistance.

configure the default visual representation of the POIs. These settings can also be modified during runtime.

Define aliases for the filenames of your entity files here. The syntax is simple: SymbolID = filename. The symbol identifier (SmybolID) is used to address the file of an entity from over the Network. Therefore, the SymbolID should be unique.

After you are done, save the configuration file.