Globe Settings

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In TerrainView-Globe™, there is an additional section called “Globe”. The way how vector data is rendered and the LOD bias values for the four different dataset types (Texture, Elevation, Vector and Annotation) can be set. The LOD settings will affect all datasets and should be modified with care.

LOD bias: These values control how soon the next higher (more detailed) level of detail (LOD) is used. Large values increase the amount of data used to draw the scene, thus creating better optical results but decreasing application performance. Small values use less data and generally create blurred or inaccurate images but they speed up the visualization. The LOD bias for Texture data (Image datasets) has the largest impact on performance since the size of the texture data is typically much larger than the size of the other data types. A low Texture LOD bias is also advised on slower Internet connections.

Sometimes, small values can be used to improve quality. High values create more blurry images; this can be used to reduce aliasing:

Texture LOD bias 10%

Texture LOD bias 50%