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These settings are useful if the Internet connection to the TerrainView-Globe™ Web Server must go over a proxy server. If no proxy server is necessary, the IP address field should be left blank and the proxy port set to 0.

Proxy server: The IP address of the proxy server.

Proxy port: The port of the proxy server to connect to.

Proxy username: The username to authenticate with the proxy server.

Proxy password: The password to authenticate with the proxy server.

Web Cache

TerrainView-Globe™ web configurations and the associated terrain data are cached locally.

Cache size (MiB): The approximate amount of downloaded terrain data stored in the cache.

Clear cache when full: Removes all data if the cache is full (fast). If this option is disabled, more frequently used data is kept in the cache when removing old data (slow).

Clear cache: Remove all cached terrain data.