Creating a Point of Interest

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TerrainView™ offers the possibility to mark any location by using so-called points of interest (POI)

Click on the “Tools” tab of modules below the view window, and the select the sub-module labeled “Points of Interest” below the panel. You should now see something like this:

Press the button labeled “New”. After a short time, a new object is placed on the screen, complete with bounding box and arrows. But instead of a car or a plane, this object is a piece of text, “POI (1)”. Like any other object, it can be moved and rotated. To change the text, simply type something into the space next to the label “Name” into the list on the right and press return the POI object will be changed accordingly. If you want to change the texts font and color, scroll down the list to the section “Appearance”, and click on the letters (AaBbYyZz) next to the label “Font”.

This will open a font selection dialog where you can select font, font style and color for the text of your POI. Like objects, POIs are listed in the tree control in the upper right corner of TerrainView™. However, this list is displayed in a different pane the one having the tab labeled “Points of Interest” (or “Poi…”).

There are many more properties for POIs such as making it a hypertext link. These will be explained later on.