Cloud Panel

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The “Clouds” panel allows to add different cloud layers as well as rain and snow effects. Like fog, the time of day also influences the appearance of the clouds.

The checkbox “Clouds” enables or disables the clouds and the panel functionality. “New” adds a new cloud layer to the scenery. Clouds will be generated at an altitude between “Top” and “Bottom” with the selected amount of coverage. The cloud layer covers a rectangular region centered on “Center X” and “Center Y” with a radius of “Range”. Clouds are rendered volumetric inside the “3D Range” distance around the camera. “Get” sets the center coordinates to the current camera position. After setting all values, using “Generate” creates the layer and adds it to the world.

Wind speed and direction move the clouds over time and affect rain and snow. The checkboxes for rain resp. snow activate and deactivate the weather effects once a cloud layer has been generated. The amount of precipitation can be selected from the “Rate” drop-down list.