Changing Measurements

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Measurements can easily be modified.

Adding points (distance, profile and area measurements):
Select a measurement in the list, and click at the terrain while pressing the “Insert” key. The new point will be appended to the measurement. In the case of distance and area measurements, the new point is appended to the last point of the current measurement, in case of an area measurement, it is inserted between the last and the first point of the measurement. Sometimes this can create an unexpected effect (see below).

Deleting points
There are two possibilities to delete a measurement point. Either select it in the point list and press the “Delete” button above the list, or, in modify mode, select the measurement point and press the “Delete” key.

Moving points
In modify mode it is possible to move the points of a measurement. Select a point by clicking on it with the Shift key pressed and drag the mouse. It is the same method as used to move objects.

An area measurement whose points are oriented counter clock wise
(the selected point is the last point)

Same area measurement after a new point has been inserted on the wrong side of the last point.