Attaching Objects

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In TerrainView™ it is possible to attach any object to a flight path. Furthermore, the camera can be attached to a flight path as well, and can be pointed at any other object that has been loaded, including any object currently flying along a different flight path.

Depending on the chosen orientation interpolation, attached objects will behave differently. In case of tangential orientation, the objects will be positioned in such a way, that their forward vector is aligned with the tangent to the interpolated curve, and their up vector lies in a plane that is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. If a quaternion spline has been chosen for the orientation interpolation, the objects forward and up vectors will always be aligned with the green and blue arrows at the control points. Between the control points the orientation is smoothly interpolated.

The same holds for the camera the viewing direction is always tangential to the curve, or aligned with the green arrow. The exception being the case where the camera looks at some other object. The “Look at”-setting overrides the interpolated orientations.