3D View

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The 3D view is the window used to display the terrain visualization. Depending on the interaction mode, the mouse can be used for navigation or the manipulation of 3D models, points of interest, flight paths and much more. Irrespective of the objects in question, the same interaction model is used. I.e. 3D models are manipulated in the same way as, for example, control points for flight paths.

The 3D view is the main part of TerrainView™. It displays the loaded terrain and objects. By clicking and dragging the mouse in this window the terrain can be navigated.

If TerrainView™ is in modify mode, objects can be selected by clicking and translated or rotated by dragging the mouse while holding the Shift or Ctrl key.

By default, the rendering of a scene uses perspective projection, but it is possible to use orthographic projection instead.